Sold Out for 2012/2013 & Taking A Break

To all of my wonderful planners!  It's a new year with lots of planning to do.  I apologize that I and all of my vendors are completely sold out of the 2012/2013 planner.  I have a planner in the works for 2013/2014 which we will update you on through the blog and Facebook.

We are having a new baby this week and so I am taking a blogging break for the next while.  I will be back online when next year's planner is close to coming out.  I hope you all understand.

Before I take my blogging break here are some answers to my most asked questions:

1.  Can you please print more 2012/2013 planners?

No, I can't.  I am so sorry we are sold out.  I print the planners in China; if I had more planners printed they wouldn't arrive for a few months and the price per planner would be too expensive for buyers like you.

2.  Will there be a 2013/2014 planner?

I hope so.  A planner is in the works, however, I am exploring some new options and will update the blog and Facebook when plans are more final.

3.  Can you design a planner that runs from January - December?

At this point I can't print two separate planners.  The most requested style is Academic August-August.  Hopefully in a year or two I will be able to expand and print multiple styles.

I think that's about it.  Thank you for all of your support.  Good-bye for now.  Happy Planning!

2 comments on "Sold Out for 2012/2013 & Taking A Break"

marlo on January 14, 2013 at 3:01 PM said...

oh- Happy baby!!! Enjoy your time with your sweet new one... thanks for taking the time to respond!

Anonymous said...

I love that you saw a need and met it with this planner! The majority of planners are boring, not enough pages, and no where to write your notes much less grocery list! Extremely interested in getting your next one :) love your page. Congrats on your baby!! I will be checking back :)

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